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BHC Church Services

The Purpose of Our Praise
March 24, 2024

Pastor Brent Gabbard preaches a powerful message about the reason for our praise, and why we worship like we do.

Unexpected Responses
March 24, 2024

A ministry group from Heritage Bible College joins us on Palm Sunday, and Bro. Justus McDaniel preaches a message about how to respond to adversity.

The Cry of Faith in Crisis
March 21, 2024

Pastor Brent Gabbard comforts and encourages the congregation with a message that lifts our faith and brings us through a time of crisis.

It's Time To Leave
March 17, 2024

Bro. Brayden Shifflett opens the Word and brings a wonderful message to the congregation.

The Better Beyond the Bitter
March 17, 2024

Pastor Brent Gabbard continues his “Looking for More in ’24” series of messages with a reminder that the presence of the Lamb makes the bitter better.

How the Overwhelmed Can Overcome
March 14, 2024

Pastor Brent Gabbard preaches a message of hope for the troubled soul.

Audio Clips

Listen in!

Take a listen to some snippets of our services at BHC. These recordings have not been professionally mixed and are very raw, but we enjoy getting to go back and remind ourselves of what God is doing for our church. We would love for you to be a part!