Digital Media Group

From bringing BHC's services to live stream video to creating and maintaining the church's digital presence, BHC's Digital Media Group is focused on enabling the message of the Gospel to reach beyond the walls of the church building.

H.I.S Hands Puppet Team

Hands In Sync (H.I.S.) Hands Puppet Team has been in ministry for roughly 25 years and is made up of hardworking volunteers with hearts for children's ministry. Each song performed is chosen specifically with a message in mind to bring our children (and adults :D) closer to the Lord. The team breaks down the song and comes up with vibrant props and fun puppet choreography to make the song exciting and memorable. The puppet team makes a nightly appearance during our Kid's Krusade every year and during our Kids Church services every 5th Sunday. The puppet team has also taken their ministry abroad and has visited Belize twice to participate in Kid's Krusades with our church's mission group, Project Holy Nations.

Prison Ministry

The prison ministry team at BHC holds a church service once a month with the inmates at a local prison. The team looks forward to this service with great anticipation each month. We have seen first-hand how a life that feels so hopeless can be redeemed by the power and the blood of Jesus Christ.

Van Ministry

Our van ministry is designed to provide transportation to children, teens, and adults who would not otherwise be able to come to church. Bro. Shawn McDaniel is our Van Ministry captain and cares deeply about this ministry. You will often find him and his family in Elkton passing out ice cream and inviting the community to church. He is supported by the Van Ministry team that dedicates Sunday mornings to running the van routes. The Van Ministry aids in the feeding of body and soul, for our wonderful cooks serve breakfast each Sunday morning to those to who we provide transportation to Sunday School. For more information, Bro. Shawn can be reached at 540.236.2595.

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